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Relationship Issues

Humans are social creations. They need people around them to live and thrive. The level of communication and understanding describes the relationship between individuals. Being in a relationship with someone can be beautiful and can bring about relationship issues. There are moments when everything seems perfect, and then there are times when you feel like the relationship issues will consume you.

Relationship issues are a normal part of life; most of the time, they can be sorted out without external help. However, if you feel that the issues you and your partner are facing can lead to a severe outcome like divorce, we can help and save your family.

Every Relationship is Unique, and So Are Their Issues

Every relationship is unique, and so are its struggles. Some couples may fight about spending too much on an unexpected night out, while others might be vehemently opposed to the idea of ever moving in together. These aren’t necessarily bad things, as long as you can work through them and find a solution that works for both of you. However, sometimes your relationship can be so unique that it presents a problem nobody else has.

There are more than one reasons why families need counseling at a time in their lives:

  • Loss of a family member or pet
  • Blending two families
  • Mood changes in an individual adult or child
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Moving to a new school, city, state, or even country
  • Divorce and remarriage
  • Parent-child conflicts

What Can Cause Relationship Issues?

There are a few ways that change can harm relationship issues. The first is when the change takes place in an individual’s life, but their partner’s life does not change to accommodate it. If one partner gets a new job, for example, and the other partner does not get a new job, or if one child becomes ill and the other child does not show any symptoms, some resentment could form.

The second way that change can cause relationship issues is when changes occur in both partners’ lives, but they are different changes. If one person likes to eat at home and watch movies, and then their other half wants to go out to eat every night and hit every bar in town, this could also cause conflict in their relationship.

If you recognize any of these issues arising in your relationship due to changes in your life, you should try discussing them with your partner. Communication is critical in any relationship and will be paramount if you want to work through the changes together.

How Relationship Therapy Helps Rebuild Positive Family Ties

Relationship therapy is one of the best tools for helping families get back on track. Here are a few ways relationship therapy can help:

  • Relationship therapy helps repair trust in the relationship.
  • Relationship therapy helps resolve conflict.
  • Relationship therapy helps resolve past hurts.
  • Relationship therapy helps with emotional intimacy.
  • Relationship therapy is a safe place for healing.
  • Relationship therapy helps rebuild communication skills.
  • Relationship therapy encourages self-reflection and accountability.
  • Relationship therapy helps build better boundaries between family members.
  • Relationship therapy teaches everyone how to solve problems together.

Novus Beginning Psychiatry Consultation

Dr Nibras at the Novus Beginning Psychiatry has extensive experience helping couples with relationship issues. Specially designed and optimized sessions are held with teams, and their problems are solved. The Counseling Center at Novus Beginning Psychiatry to Family Therapy can help you in many ways. We offer a variety of services, including:

Strategic Family Therapy:

This therapy helps you and your family develop ways to work together as a team and resolve conflicts. It also teaches practical communication skills so you can better communicate with each other and solve problems.


Psychoeducation is a process that helps people understand their illness and learn how to manage it better. This may include learning about different types of mental illness and how they affect mood, thinking, behavior, and relationships.

Structural Family Therapy:

Structural family therapy focuses on helping families change their patterns of interaction with each other so that the family becomes more functional and healthy for everyone involved.

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