Medication Management

What Is Medication Management?

Medication Management follows the initial discussion of the problems encountered, the diagnosis of mental illness, and active therapy sessions with you or your patients. Additionally, a set of prescribed medicines is given after evaluation of the patient’s health status. Medication management plays an important role in it in order to avoid any possible side-effects and change the amount of medicinal intake. As usual, psychiatrists prefer to manage medicines according to the effect they have on the person’s mind and sleeping patterns.

Our General Process Of Consultation

Once patient-clinician relationship is established after initial psychiatric evaluation and if treatment is initiated, then medication management visits are scheduled. During the medication management appointment, we will evaluate your clinical symptoms, stressors, any other update affecting quality of life, response to medication, and possible medication side effects. The length of session varies depending on the client’s clinical symptom.  

Typically follow up sessions are monthly or every 2 months for 25 minutes.

How Can We Help You?

Are you struggling to manage your medicinal intake to keep your treatment effective? Do you have doubts or questions about the symptoms of your medicine? Are you having other concerns, especially about weight gain due to the medicine intake?

If so, then feel free to contact us or book an appointment! Your complete recovery depends upon your will and motivation to get back to life. Therefore, our psychiatric care processes might be lengthy and have gradual results but are quite helpful with a lasting impact. We also deal with managing your medicines that would maintain your health. It may also help you remind yourself to live a peaceful, healthy, successful, and happy life.

Medication Management