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Are you worried about AI in the Workplace?

It is understandable for humans to feel anxious about AI in the workplace. After all, the news is constantly filled with stories of jobs being replaced by technology. However, it is important to note that humans are not yet headed for complete replacement. There are ways to alleviate AI anxiety and even reframe it into a motivating force for good.

As employers continue to embrace innovation and efficiency in the workplace, artificial intelligence (AI) is making great inroads. However, according to APA’s 2023 Work in America survey results, nearly 4 out of 10 U.S. workers (38%) are worried that AI in the workplace may eventually make some, if not all, of their job duties obsolete. 

This anxiety has a much greater negative impact on the psychological health and workplace conditions of the workers who are worried about AI than their counterparts who are not. For example, 51% of those who worry about AI said their work hurts their mental health, while only 29% of those who are not concerned about AI in the workplace making their job duties obsolete reported the same. 

AI in the Workplace: A study conducted recently:

Generative AI in the workplace has recently demonstrated its ability to outperform humans in tasks that require creativity or originality, as evaluated by human reviewers. In a study published in Scientific Reports, 256 online participants were given 30 seconds to generate imaginative uses for four everyday objects: a box, a rope, a pencil, and a candle.

AI in the Workplace: A study conducted recently:

The researchers then assigned the same task to three large language models. To assess the creativity of the responses, the team employed two methods: an automated program that evaluated “semantic distance,” or the relatedness between words and concepts, and six human reviewers who were trained to rank responses based on their originality.

Although humans still come up with the best responses, AI-generated responses are not far behind. In fact, on average, AI-generated responses perform better than human-generated responses. For example, the assessments rated “cat amusement park,” an AI-generated response from GPT-4, as more creative than “cat playhouse,” a human-generated response. Additionally, many people rated the least impressive human responses less creative than the poorly performing AI-generated answers.

Seeking Support

Dealing with stress and anxiety caused by AI in the workplace can be challenging. But it’s essential to seek help and support to cope with these issues. Open communication is key in addressing these challenges. Sharing your concerns with your colleagues or superiors can be helpful as they may also be experiencing the same thing. You can also seek help and counseling from a professional to gain valuable insights and learn effective coping strategies to manage your stress. Don’t hesitate to contact mental health professionals specializing in workplace-related concerns. Additionally, peer support groups can offer a safe space to share experiences and find comfort in like-minded individuals. 

Dealing with AI Anxiety: Useful Tips

Dealing with AI Anxiety: Useful Tips

Here are some tips on how to deal with AI-induced stress:

  • Remember that the rise of unfamiliar technology is nothing new. In the past, technological advances have led to significant societal and economic shifts, some fears materialized, and some jobs disappeared. However, many of the worst sci-fi predictions did not come true. So, take a deep breath and keep things in perspective.

    • Understanding the benefits of a new tech, learning how it works, and getting training in how to use it productively can help alleviate anxiety. Rather than fearing AI, make an effort to understand how it works and how it can be used for good.
    • According to a behavioral scientist at the United Nations University, confronting fears of generative AI by actually trying out the tools, seeing where and how they can be useful, reading up on how they work, and understanding their limitations can turn the tech from a bugbear into a potential asset. 
    • It’s important to note that the current technology is not truly producing new things but rather imitating or simulating what people can do. This means that AI in the workplace is not here to replace us but to augment and enhance our abilities.
    • A deeper understanding of AI can empower you to advocate for meaningful job protections or policies that rein in potential downsides. 

    So, instead of feeling overwhelmed by AI-induced stress, let’s face it head-on and learn how to harness its power for good!

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    Are you worried about AI in the Workplace?
    AI in the Workplace

    Are you worried about AI in the Workplace?

    It is understandable for humans to feel anxious about AI in the workplace. After all, the news is constantly filled with stories of jobs being replaced by technology. However, it is important to note that humans are not yet headed

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